26 Week Bumpdate!


How far along: 26 weeks!

Gender: Unknown, and gender guesses at the shower were pretty darn even at our baby shower!

Weight gain: Somewhere around the 17lb mark (which is not as bad as I thought!)

Maternity clothes: … are what is comfortable these days. I AM in the market for a nice maternity hoodie so if anyone comes across some ideas, send them my way please!

Stretch marks: Yeah, I see some. Rumour has it that all these creams don’t work but … I’m using them anyways! And hydrating like a mother (actually though!).

Rings on or off: YOU GUYS … they go on in the morning and then I have to wiggle them around a little at night to get them off … eeks.

Belly button in or out: Still in, but I think it’s getting shallower and shallower.

Sleep: Still pretty darn awesome! I really do give credit of this to my sweet Snoogle pillow.

Best moment this week: BY FAR was getting to experience our first baby shower! It was so surreal to have hub’s family gather together to shower us with love and so many wonderful and thoughtful gifts as we await the arrival of our sweet rainbow baby. It just keeps becoming more and more real and soon enough we will have this sweet baby in our arms!

Miss anything: COCA COLA. with all the ice.

Movement: Give me all the baby movement! This tiny human is so very active throughout the day and never lets me forget that he/she’s around! I am suuuuper thankful that he/she hasn’t figure out how to wake me up in the middle of the night ……… YET.

Cravings: I was craving a Panzerotti but that’s only because there’s a restaurant where my husband’s parents live and they make THE BEST panzerotti I have EVER had. But so much happened on the weekend … and I forgot to get one! I suppose I have to wait until Christmas holidays now.

Queasy or sick: NONE. I would hope at this point I would have neither of these.

Aversions: Nothing! Again, I think I am super lucky on this front!

Looking forward to: Our sweet little mini staycation coming up this weekend with the hubs! I absolutely cannot wait to relax for a bit!
Also looking forward to finally setting up the last of the nursery furniture so we can get all these lovely gifts organized and ready!

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 2.37.27 PM

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