28 + 29 Week Bumpdates!

First off, I know I said that being behind and lack of bump photos wouldn’t happen any more but as life would have it, I was offered a full-time teaching position for the time being and am now a teacher to 19 wonderful (but EXHAUSTING) Grade 2 students which have consumed all my free time and my energy. So 28 and 29 week bumpdates are lacking in the bump aspect. 😦 But, they do not lack in any other aspects, so without further adieu … here we go!
I have absolutely NO IDEA how I’ve made it to the THIRD TRIMESTER but here I am! I cannot even believe that this pregnancy journey is 2/3 complete and before we know it, we will be holding and cuddling our tiny human.
How far along: 29 weeks!
Gender: Unknown!
Weight gain: I’d say ~20lbs at this point … I shall find out this week!
Maternity clothes: Still working on investing in some more pieces. One of my current faves is this top from GAP (and the short-sleeved version). I only have black at the moment, but I’m thinking I need a few more colours. The material is SO soft and feels wonderful.
Stretch marks: Yup.
Rings on or off: My fear of not being able to take them off has won and for the most part, all rings are off. I am actually so sad about this.
Belly button in or out: In and Shallow AF.
Sleep: Still pretty decent … I’ve taken to barricading myself into my bed with my Snoogle, a pillow underneath the Snoogle and another pillow under my belly. SO I BASICALLY CAN’T GO ANYWHERE. But sometimes I wake up and still end up half on my back. Need to barricade myself a little tighter I think. And work on going to sleep earlier in the evening because little kids just make me SO TIRED.
Best moment this week: Exploring all the local makers at the Craft Fair this past weekend, AND hanging out with my family on Sunday afternoon. So much good food and I just LOVE hanging out with my cousins and Grandparents. My Grandma is legit SO EXCITED to become a Great Grandma!
Miss anything: B E E R. Smelling it only works for so long. I definitely am missing going out Friday evenings with the hubs for a beer at a local bar/pub.
Movement: This baby is literally everywhere in my belly! He/she’s been hanging out pretty low usually, but I’ve felt some movement up a little higher lately, which definitely feels super strange!
Cravings: Another week of not much of craving anything … although I did want fish and chips on Friday, so we went out for dinner and had some and hooooly it was so delicious and definitely hit the spot!
Looking forward to: My midwife appointment this week and hearing baby’s heartbeat once again! Although I do have to do my Glucose Tolerance Test – which I have heard is not the most pleasant thing … but some people have said it tastes like that McDonald’s Orange Drink they used to have. YOU GUYS I LOVED THAT DRINK AS A KID. This test can’t be that awful can it?
We are also signed up for a crash prenatal course (aka a weekend of learning all things about childbirth). I am excited, but also super nervous to learn about things!

annnnd here’s 28 weeks!

How far along: 28 weeks!
Gender: Unknown, and I think most people guessed girl at my shower.
Weight gain: I’m guessing 20lbs now.
Maternity clothes: YUP. Luckily I picked up that hoodie I had my eye on on the weekend. I could probably go for a few more winter pieces … and maybe another pair of pajama bottoms. Although hubs’ boxers and oversized t-shirts have been doing a fine job these days in terms of comfort.
Stretch marks: Yes … there are a few. I don’t want to talk about them because they annoy me. 😉
Rings on or off: Some days they are on, some days they are off. I have found that my engagement ring fits a little bit looser than my band, so I’ve just been wearing that on days when I feel like wearing a ring!
Belly button in or out: It’s in. It’s shallow. I don’t think it’s coming out anytime soon though!
Sleep: Still quite good! Haven’t been taking any naps, but I sleep through the night mostly and wake up feeling excellent!
Best moment this week: Spending a Sunday afternoon being surrounded by family and close friends at our second baby shower! Although they were a little early, I’m actually quite glad that both our showers have happened. The chaos of the holidays is definitely upon us and although we have been blessed with beautiful weather the past few weeks, I have a funny feeling it won’t last very long now.
Worst moment this week: I wouldn’t say it was the WORST moment, but I would not advise any preggo mamas out there to hit up a concert and STAND for 2+hrs. The music was fabulous, but my back was definitely NOT happy after that.
Miss anything: Weekends of doing nothing! I feel like all our weekends have been so booked up that we haven’t had a chance to relax or chill and work on our nursery. If I can remember … one is coming up so so soon!
Movement: This kid is probably going to take up some sort of sport. I am extremely thankful at the fact that he/she knows when to chill out and not move as much … like when I’m sleeping … otherwise we’re feeling all the moves!
Cravings: Nothing this week.
Looking forward to: The holiday celebrations officially start next weekend when we head off to Toronto to celebrate Christmas with my Mom’s side of the family! Also, very much so looking forward to immersing myself in some wonderful locally made goodies at the Fat Goose Craft Fair this weekend!


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