30 Week Bumpdate!

How far along: 30 weeks!

Gender: Unknown

Weight gain: Officially 21lbs!

Maternity clothes: All day, every day.  I put on one of my mat shirts for work the other day and man did I just feel superbly LARGE. Still haven’t bought anything else I said I would buy since the hoodie, but I wouldn’t mind a few more comfy pieces to wear once baby gets here. I suppose I should also start looking into investing in decent nursing bras and tanks. So if anyone has any recommendations on either, I would most definitely appreciate it!

Rings on or off: They are off. I refused to attempt to shove them on. I don’t think my fingers look THAT swollen, but they have been a bit of a struggled to get on and off so I’ll just go without. MY FINGER FEELS SO NAKED.

Belly button in or out: In but shallow AF.

Sleep: Sleep has been generally good. I’ve had a few strange nights where I just wake up, go to the washroom and BOOM I can only just lay there and stare into the dark for an hour or so. Then I manage to get back to sleep. I’m hoping that nights like this just stay away, but only time will tell I suppose! Still trying to get to sleep earlier that’s for sure!

Best moment this week: My midwife appointment as always! I really didn’t mind the Glucose Tolerance Test. The drink definitely tasted similar to the McDonald’s Orange Drink and they give you five minutes to drink it, which I though was a ton of time. Turns out it isn’t and I found myself chugging back the last bit, which burned just a little and left an unpleasant aftertaste.
We also took our prenatal/childbirth classes over the weekend and I feel a little more prepared and informed as to what to expect. I’ll continue doing some reading though. Current reads include Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth for myself and The Birth Partner for hubs (although I think I will be reading this book too!).

Worst moment this week: Discovering that my GTT levels were just a little too high. Which means I have to do the 2 hour GTT, which includes THREE blood draws. I am less than fond of getting blood taken. So we’ll see how that goes.

Miss anything: The raw fish kind of sushi!

Movement: Very distinct movement this week! Rolls and turns, kicks and punches. Baby is still just chilling out and laying whichever way he/she feels comfortable for now. The absolute weirdest feeling is when I find myself resting my arm or hand on my belly and can literally FEEL an arm or leg just run itself across my own arm or hand. I’ve also discovered that I can figure out whereabouts baby is sitting, again only sometimes because it’s only a super strange feeling, but I’m sure I can feel baby’s head or body if I’m adventurous enough and he/she’s in the right place.

Cravings: Poutine. Gingerbread cookies.

Looking forward to: Going to see the newest Star Wars movie this weekend! Although it comes out today, hubs was thinking ahead when he purchased tickets two months ago and got an early showing on Friday evening because sleep for a pregnant lady trumps everything (bonus points for him!).
A weekend to ourselves (aka a weekend of doing absolutely nothing!)! I’m sure we’ll have to do some last minute Christmas shopping for people though. But no other commitments!
The last week of school before we are off for Christmas holidays!

Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 2.37.27 PM

2 thoughts on “30 Week Bumpdate!”

  1. How did the longer glucose test go for you? I just found out that I failed my first one too so I have to go back on Monday and do the longer one. I’m really nervous about it, but I blame it on doing the test right after the holidays and weeks of bingeing on chocolate and cookies (not sure if that really makes a difference…)


    1. Everything turned out normal for me with the 2hr GTT! I have a friend who knows a handful of people who also failed the first and then passed the second. After my test, I read in one of the pregnancy/childbirth books I am reading that 50-70% of women if retested will get a completely different result than the first tes. It feels like the longest two hours ever so bring something to do for sure! I was super nervous as well, but try not to worry about it too much. I will keep my fingers crossed that all goes well for you! 🙂


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