33 Week Bumpdate!

How far along: 33 weeks!


Gender: Unknown, but in all truth, I would be happy with either!


Weight gain: 24lbs! Also, according to all these pregnancy apps, the baby is 4-5 lbs at this point?! HOW?!


Maternity clothes: Yes’m. Although, since we are off on Christmas holidays I have been mostly lounging in pajama bottoms and hubs huge hockey t-shirts because comfort over fashion at this point.


Rings on or off: What rings? My wedding bands have been retired, but I picked up a few of these enso rings, which are made out of silicone and have some stretch to them. I still feel like my giant fingers are still pretty darn swollen, so I only use these when I have to/feel like it! My joints have also started feeling super stiff when I wake up in the morning and sometimes in the evening; it’s such a terrible feeling.


Belly button in or out: Uhhh, I’d say my belly button has become more of a pancake. It is on the verge of being neither in nor out, but just FLAT.


Sleep: Still getting fabulous amounts of sleep and extremely thankful for it! I’ve definitely enjoyed these days off though.


Best moment this week: Celebrating Christmas of course! Hanging with our families and taking in what was our last Christmas as just a married couple.


Miss anything: STILL beer … and kombucha … and Toblerone bars. And let’s just say that Toblerone bars are definitely hard to come by only a few days before Christmas and definitely hard to find after Christmas. I’m thankful for my Dad and hubs who managed to find some … and to hubs’ students who also contributed to the Toblerone stash! I also miss not having to go to the washroom every two minutes!


Movement: We are head down folks as confirmed today! Midwife couldn’t tell which was baby’s butt or head so she brought out the handy dandy hand-held ultrasound machine (who knew those were a thing! technology these days I tell ya!) and BOOM we got a nice beautiful view of a head … right where it should be. Which is also scary AF.


Cravings: French toast. I was so excited to have french toast when we went out for breakfast a few days ago. But I’m pretty darn sure it was bread soaked in beaten eggs. Disappointing. So I’ve made it my mission to make SO. MUCH. FRENCH. TOAST. before I go back to work!


Looking forward to: Definitely looking forward to being home and sleeping in my own bed after a few days away. The month of January just seems to be so open and relaxing for us at last! We have a few finishing touches to add to the nursery. I’m kind of excited to get back to my class and spending some time with them before I have to go off on mat leave!
Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 2.37.27 PM


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