17 Week Bumpdate!


(This post is perhaps a week late … but better late than never!)
How far along: 17 weeks
Gender: Unknown
Weight gain: Also unknown.
Maternity clothes: I have invested in a few items of clothes, but not wearing much yet!
Stretch marks: No
Belly button in or out: In
Sleep: Seems to be good so far … aside from a few rough nights! Also this pillow has been a godsend! The only complaint I have is waking up too early because I’m hungry (but really, how can you complain about that?).
Best moment this week: FINALLY hearing baby’s heartbeat. One of the most amazing sounds I have heard in my entire life. Oh, and making it “facebook official” of course!
Worst moment this week: Pregnancy hormones are in full effect! I basically cry at everything. Like not fitting into any of my clothes. Yes. I cried.
Miss anything: SUSHI. DELI MEAT. AMERICANOS. I miss fitting into all of my clothes, I am in the “looks like I’ve eaten too much pizza” stage where most of my tops are just a little too snug but can’t make maternity tops work yet.
Movement: No … wait a second! *stomach gurgles* … nope. I patiently wait …
Cravings: Giant soft pretzels, nachos and cheese, and pancakes, but those seem to be the random ones of the week. Moreso all I want is oranges, apples, pears, strawberries and Greek yogurt. I could eat that every day!
Queasy or sick: None at all!
Aversions: Chicken (unless it is in some sort of dippable form OR loaded up with sauce), EGGS, PICKLES (RIGHT!? I had a horrible experience on Canada Day and ever since that .. nope). Also brushing my teeth has become a struggle.
Looking forward to: FALL! The cooler weather, giant sweaters, warm drinks and just being cozy and comfortable!
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I’m here … and guess what!

I have been wondering how I would start this blog for MONTHS. I had every intention of writing throughout summer, but things don’t go as planned my sweet blog had to be put on the back burner for a bit.

I won’t lie … I had been experiencing a little bit of a writer’s block to get this thing rolling. I mean, I didn’t do anything “blog worthy” over the summer and just sort of laid low.

But, I have good reason for this …



This journey has not been an easy one; it has been filled with tremendous anxiety, fear and hope, while excitement kind of sat on the back burner for the first trimester. BUT MORE ON THAT LATER …


I created this name on the idea that life is wild and unknown. You really have no idea what you’re in for – similar to adventuring out into the wilderness!
I’m pretty darn excited to get this thing going! As you can see from the headings, I have a LOT I want to blog about! I am also going to use this space as somewhere to document my journey through this pregnancy and onwards! My hope for this blog is that it becomes a place where I can share bits and pieces of my wild and unknown and connect with others.

Thanks so much for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend friends!

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